Mortal Kombat Kreator Kounting Down, But To What?


This past week Mortal Kombat creative director Ed Boon has been teasing his fans.  This is nothing new to the trickster that has in the past gained a lot of hype for various downloadable chracters.  Boon’s first tweet:



He then followed up the next day with another tweet:



Both these tweets seem to imply something will be happening on June 2nd, leaving many fans to speculate a pre E3 announcement.  The Electronic Entertainment Expo will be June 10th-12th, so he could possibly be announcing the game a week before.  This week he shared yet another tweet than many fans are interpreting as a tease to the possible upcoming announcement.



Many fans have speculated that the X stands for “versus” implying an Injustice vs. Mortal Kombat game along the lines of the popular 2008 Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.  Other fan speculations have even ranged from a new live action movie to a Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter game, as Boon has expressed interest in creating such a title for a long time.  However the more logical conclusion is that Netherrealm is finally releasing a sequel to the 2011 reboot of Mortal Kombat.  This seems to coincide with leaked information that various stars have been doing voice recordings for a new Mortal Kombat game.  Also this could also coincide with a leaked release date of November 22nd from an Australian video games site (although they later retracted and denied ever posting such a date).

We have two more weeks to see what boon has in store for us, or if this is just another one of his misdirections.  Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll see a remake of Mortal Kombat Special Forces.


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