Resident Evil Remake for PS4 and Xbox One


Coming in 2015, we’ll see yet another remake of the original Resident Evil game. According to the video below, the game will be available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, 360 and PC in 2015. They’re saying that the remake will not just be a graphic/sound update but will also bring the original feeling back to Resident Evil.

As many of us have played the original Playstation’s Resident Evil titles and the 2002 remake of RE1 for the GameCube, we should have expected this. Although the GameCube version wasn’t really a great update, it was still nice and I’m sure this will be as well. And for those who are big fans, Deadly Silence on the Nintendo DS brings the title not only back to it’s original form but also gives you a new option called “Rebirth”, allowing you to play the game with different item and monster placements and challenges.

This remake shouldn’t be a surprise, but let us know what you think after checking out the video below for the Resident Evil Remake.

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