Could A Live Action Gundam Movie In The Pipeline?


Ookaze No Okorusama, Inc. and Legacy Effects are teaming up to bring you “high quality movies based on Japanese animation manga and animation”. Could a live action Hollywood adaptation of the Gundam franchise be on their radar?

In November the employees of Ookaze No Okorusam visited Legacy Studios in Los Angeles and announced they would become partners in order to create new movies. However now they have officially scheduled a press release to reveal what exactly this partnership will entail. Ookaze No Okorusama posted information about their upcoming press conference on their official website this week. It is said that Yoshiyuki Tomino will be making the big announcement on Tuesday January 21st.

Tomino, is best known as the writer and general director for Japan’s Gundam series, however he began his carrier in 1963 writing Astro Boy. Tomino’s company Ookaze No Okorusama, Inc. was formed in 2012 and has since won a US Emmy for work performed by Yuji Hori. Legacy Effects has been in the special effects business since 2009. They created the effects for Real Steel, Pacific Rim, and most recently the upcoming Robocop movie.

Legacy Effects amazing robotic special effects will be a great fit for Yoshiyuki Tomino. It’s easy to imagine how their design work on Iron Man, and the Pacific Rim Jaegers could be implemented into a full Gundam movie, however as of now we only know they will be announcing their business alliance. Whether or not this means a live action Gundam movie is in the works is yet to be seen.

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