Civalization has come - Civ5, a Linux review.


Civilization 5 is fast becoming one of my favourite games. I’ve had it for ages now and its  been a really slow burner. I started off playing it once a month or so, then slowly as I became more familiar with its mechanics it went to once a week, and then it became an almost […]

Esports are the future

I write this the day after the English World Cup team has failed to get past the group stage. Living in a country where football (soccer) is the national sport, it is deeply tedious if you have no interest in the game. As a gamer I find football deeply dull, with no interesting in watching […]

The Toxic Avenger Remake

Toxic Avenger Remake

Arnold WILL be in the Toxic Avenger remake. For those who may not remember, The Toxic Avenger was an 80′s comedy/horror/action movie about a nerdy little mop boy who falls into a vat of toxic waste turning into the slimey tu-tu wearing super hero, The Toxic Avenger. Weilding a mop, fighting evil and banging hot […]

Bayturtles Get New Turtles Posters and New Ninja Trailer


The staff here at Nerdiots have made no secret of our disdain for the new Ninja Turtle designs (1, 2, 3, 4). We’ve also expressed our concerns about everything else that has come down the pipeline from this Michael Bay production of our iconic and beloved heroes in a half shell.  We’ve been following the […]

Make a Splatoon

I was feeling pretty pretty damn uninterested by the E3 news so far. What with all the remakes of old games and how all the sequels are basically the same game, only this time with co-op (yes I am looking at you Ubisoft). I know I shouldn’t really be looking to E3 for originality, but […]

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