Netflix Streaming July 2014 New Movies and Shows


Hey everyone, be sure to check out Nerdiots on Facebook at Thanks!! We’ve been given some good movies, and some awful movies. June didn’t bring us much but hopefully this short little list will please someone out there. My personal favorite picks for the month of July: The Karate Kid trilogy from the 80′s […]

An EVOlutionary Event!


Major League Gaming Anaheim 2014 premiered last weekend. If you missed it you can catch the highlights on Youtube. The games included over the weekend were Call of Duty: Ghosts (and they prepubescent rejoiced, saying unto him: “Your, Mom!”), Star Craft 2: Wings of Liberty (This one was really hard to watch if you’re not […]

Daryl Dixon Dies - Season 5 Premiere

Daryl Dixon Dies

We’ve seen and heard it all from The Walking Dead, but could one of the most loved characters have his tables turned? Is Rick wrong about how badass they are and the most badass character dies? With all that Daryl has been through, they’re talking about killing him in the first episode?! I don’t think […]

Farewell to the People’s Poet


I try not to get caught up in celebrities and their lives. It can be difficult as celebrity news seems to take precedent over real news. I guess Justin Bieber getting baptised is more newsworthy than upcoming elections. But every once in a while something happens that does warrant some actual attention. You may or […]

Sex and Violence


Hey Nerdiots. I was on facebook recently, and by that I mean I’m on facebook right now and usually about every ten minutes as long as I have access to my laptop, and a friend of mine was asking about the movie “A Million Ways to Die in the West” and more specifically about the […]

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