8 Attractive Women who play Not So Attractive Characters


Sometimes that ugly girl in the movie isn’t always that ugly in real life. I’ve decided to make a list of girls that I think were unattractive in certain roles and show how attractive they really are outside of that dorky, “ugly” character. Some of these women, even as their non-attractive side, may still be attractive to some. Keep in mind, I want to stay different than the rest of these lists out there that literally take one extreme to the next.

Be honest, what do you guys think? Let us know on Facebook who you think is attractive, who you think is not attractive and what you think of this list!

1) Ugly Betty - Betty Suarez : America Ferrera

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You see her in almost every list like this, but it’s true. Ugly Betty is actually pretty attractive!

2) The Hottie & The Nottie - June Phigg : Christine Lakin

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I actually had no idea this movie existed until recently. They make this girl hideous! But she’s actaully really beautiful in real life. Hopefully she’s nothing like Paris though..

3) Shallow Hal - Rosemary : Gwyneth Paltrow

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Gwyneth Paltrow dressed up in this suit to make her large, she played this part so well, but outside that suit she is one attractive women and continues to be beautiful now on the arm of Tony Stark.

4) American Pie - Michelle Flaherty : Alyson Hannigan


The band girl chick in American Pie really wasn’t that cute.. so dorky you could say. But wow, outside of her American Pie style she is pretty cute.

5) Scott Pilgrim - Knives Chau : Ellen Wong

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This actually shocked me, I didn’t find her attractive at all in Scott Pilgrim, and recently I just saw her in a movie called “Silent Night” where she shows a little more than her knives. Regardless, she is stunning now.

6) Raising Hope - Joan : Jenny Slate

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I was a HUGE Raising Hope fan, I saw Jenny Slate on there as the CPS lady who was obsessed with her cats, can’t believe how gorgeous she is outside of those “librarian looking” roles

7) The Long Kiss Goodnight - Samantha Caine : Geena Davis

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Geena Davis may not be the “hottest”, but you have to give her credit. And although she was the stereotypical house wife in The Long Kiss Goodnight, she turned out to be goregous. Since then she hasn’t really fallen into a spot where she has been unattractive, or even before then for that matter. I personally think she wasn’t that great as Samantha Caine, but after the transformation to Charly Baltimore.. wow.

8) Splice - Dren : Delphine Chanéac

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What can I say about this one? Obviously she is beautiful when not a bald alien, but I really didn’t know until recently after looking her up on IMDB just how amazing she is.

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