Sex and Violence


Hey Nerdiots. I was on facebook recently, and by that I mean I’m on facebook right now and usually about every ten minutes as long as I have access to my laptop, and a friend of mine was asking about the movie “A Million Ways to Die in the West” and more specifically about the sexual content in the movie as she wanted to take her twelve year old son to see the movie. After some comments, including my own, my friend decided that perhaps Maleficent” might be a better choice for her and her son.

Which begs the question from me, why do people get so worked up about their kids getting exposed to sex? I had a laugh from some of the commenters on the thread assuming that their kids were not exposed to it or that their kids aren’t like other kids. Spoiler alert: Yes, they are. Your adorable innocent little boy knows what sex is. And if he doesn’t then he’s sure as hell trying to figure it out, and by figure it out I mean he’s dry-humping everything in sight. Keeping it hidden from him just means that his main source of information is the other kids at school and the internet. Is that how you want your kids to learn about sex? Trust me, the information they’re getting in the school yard may not be all that accurate. When I was 12 I thought condom was short for condominium.

So don’t let a few sex jokes ruin a fun night for you and your kids. Go to the movies. And if your kid has questions afterwards then talk to your kid. Really, the most disturbing thing about this movie is the guy getting his head crushed by a block of ice. But nobody seems to worry about exposing heir kids to violence.

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