Don’t Forget Yourself

don't forget yourself

I have a confession to make, and it’s one that will bring my credibility as a parent into question, I like it when I have the house to myself. I like my quiet time. I spend my free time on my couch, with my laptop, trying to be productive but actually browsing reddit, tv on in the background. Even on my days off from work I’ll get up at 4 AM just so I can have a few hours of peace in the morning before the wife and kids wake up. Take today, for example, I’m writing this on a Friday and the first day of my long weekend. Fridays are usually busy for me and the wife, planning our bi-weekly grocery trip and going over whatever other plans we have for the weekend, making plans for the summer, it seems there is always plenty to keep us busy during the day. But at least during the school week we can get these things done with minimal distraction from the kids. Turns out today is a PA day at school. Kids are home, and should be up in two hours, then the chaos begins.

It’s definitely a challenge getting things done with a 6 year old in the house. The kid is a ball of energy and treats the world as his stage. He wants to be the center of attention at all times. Which can make for some absolutely hilarious and awesome moments but when you’re trying to have an adult conversation with your wife and your 6 year old kid is pulling his pants down and wiggling his butt while singing “Wrecking Ball” it can be a bit frustrating. I’ve tried bribing him with Minecraft to get him to sit down and shut up for an hour but that doesn’t work. That just turns into a constant stream of “Dad, look at the house I built,” “Ah, SPIDERS!” “Dad, look at my railroad.” “Dad, I made a house out of butter.” He thinks the gold blocks are butter, who am I to tell him otherwise? Also, he likes to make walls out of TNT and then fill those walls with animals and then blow up all the animals. Should I be concerned? Does killing pixelated animals lead to other digital criminal activity down the road? How many years before he’s murdering hookers while playing Grand Theft Auto?

I lost my train of thought long ago while writing this. And that’s ok. This column started off as one idea and morphed into another and finished off in a completely different way. If I do have a point it’s this. Love your kids and love your spouse. That’s obvious, but it can be tough sometimes. I think something I forgot to do for a while though was to love myself and take time for myself. That’s why I love my mornings. It’s my me-time. But it’s almost 6:30 and I think I want another coffee and a bagel before everyone starts waking up. Have an awesome day everybody.

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