100 Days of Dance - Napoleon Dynamite Dance

100 days of dance - napoleon dynamite dance

Uploaded a little over a week ago, the Napoleon Dynamite Dance entitled “100 Days of Dance” was a hit. ProjectOneLife on YouTube put up this AMAZING video of himself in front of his GoPro camera in what appears to be a room that is specifically set up to do some crazy dancing in.

The video entitled “100 Days of Dance”, is just that. Well “Technically it was around 120 something days but 100 days sounds better” says ProjectOneLife. Regardless, this is amazing. 3-4 second shots of him dancing, changing clothes and watching the room details change was very entertaining.

Keep an eye out for Ash from Pokemon, and count how many Breaking Bad shirts he wears. It’s a challenge.

Here’s the video:

It’s so worth watching until the end. Here’s the original Napoleon Dynamite Dance video as well, see if you can match his moves:

This original video also contains the dance in reverse.

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