The Best Super Mario Bros Moments from 1985

best super mario bros moments

Back in 1985, a classic game came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Mario Bros. Hours upon hours were wasted trying to rescue the princess from the evil Bowser. So what were the best Super Mario Bros Moments? Here are my most memorable.

Dancing on the vine

best super mario bros moments

After discovering this, I found it funny to listen to music while Mario danced around on the vine.

Your princess is obviously lost.

Best Super Mario Bros Moments

This is why we need GPS and Cell phones.. If she would have had her cell phone with her, I wouldn’t have this issue. Get with the times princess!

Skipping the bulk

Best Super Mario Bros Moments

Being able to pass multiple levels at once, those were the days!

WTF?! Really? I have to do more for you?

best super mario bros moments

This is the most demanding princess ever.. saving her from a fire breathing monster isn’t enough, now I have to go on a new quest? How about a kiss? maybe a THANK YOU DINNER?

Flower Power!

best super mario bros moments

Nothing like eating some radioactive flower so you can shoot fireballs from your nose? Well, it looked like they came from his nose to me!

The original Blue Screen of Death

best super mario moments

Probably the worst thing about the game, yet extremely memorable, Swimming. What an awful way for a character to move underwater, but dodging the squid was fun.

The first time is always the best

best super mario bros moments

Before fighting the same Bowser over and over again, that first encounter will always remain the sweetest.

White plumbers can’t jump


Realizing that you really can’t jump the flag pole.. how disappointing.

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  1. On one of the levels you can jump over the flagpole (stage 1-1) .

    And GPS / mobile phone would be heavy to take with you, the reception would be crap if your in a room that’s just brick. Plus it wouldn’t be for civilian use.

    And if she’s in a castle, all she she could say is ‘I’m in a castle, it has bricks, a Bowser… ” Doesn’t really help much.

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