Possessed Woman goes crazy on subway - Punches passenger


Possessed Woman goes crazy on subway, attacks the poor guy sitting next to her, then she gets thwomped a little bit too. Didn’t know that possessed people could ninja kick so well. Viral video storming the internet today about this woman who is clearly not in her right mind, attacking and then getting attacked on a subway in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Edmonton consists of about 1,000,000 people, so what are the odds of running into this chick on a subway?

Here is the first video of this “possessed” woman, just a few minutes before her weird attack..

A few minutes after this first video, you can clearly see her eyes change, her mouth doing some strange tounge action and then she goes crazy..

I really don’t know what to say, seems staged to me. Authorities are saying that this was legit and that both the man who was attacked and the possessed woman were charged $500′s in fines. I’m surprised she was able to hold it together long enough to get a ticket.

What do you guys think? Is this legit or has she just had a little too much time with the Quija board?

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