The Terminator Genesis - Arnold Returns as the Terminator

The Terminator Genesis

The Terminator Genesis will be hitting theaters in 2015, and Arnold Schwarzenegger will return as the Terminator

Arnold seems to be making an attempt at coming back, coming soon we’re going to be seeing some sequels to movies we NEVER thought we’d ever see.

The remake of Conan the Barbarian failed to included Arnold, and this movie was great. But Arnold will return in The Legend of Conan which was just announced recently.

Another movie that was just announced recently is the sequel to the 1988 classic, Twins, called “Triplets”. I’m assuming that Danny DeVito and Arnold have another sibling that they didn’t know about.

And of course, Arnold will be returning as the Terminator, bring unstoppable rage to the Connor family again. Sarah Connor, who will be played by Emilia Clarke(Game of Thrones) and Jason Clarke(Zero Dark Thirty) will be playing John Connor.

Joining the cast for The Terminator Genesis will be The Doctor, Doctor Who to be precise.

Matt Smith Doctor Who Terminator Genesis
So now we have MUCH more to look forward to.

Though the story has not yet been announced, the movie has begun filming, written by James Cameron, so can we expect this to be a good one? Although Rise of the Machines wasn’t that great, this is the chance for Cameron to redeem his skills after John D. Brancato took a swing at it with Salvation and hit a home run(in my opinion), now let’s see if Cameron can make up for Rise of the Machines.

Thanks to Reddit user RyyaanL for pointing out that Cameron is NOT the writer of the screenplay, the characters are created by Cameron. This film does have a different director than Salvation did, which was directed by Joseph McGinty Nichol aka McG. This time around, Alan Taylor who has directed 6 episodes of Game of Thrones, Thor: The Dark World, and a few episodes of other extremely popular television shows will be directing.

Is Arnold getting to old to try to terminate everyone? Too old to have another sibling that him and his “twin” brother didn’t know about? Or maybe just too old to carry a sword? Either way, I can’t wait to see what the next couple of years bring for Arnold!

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