Goosebumps leaves Netflix Streaming November 2014


We have been doing some pretty intense searching through out the Netflix library trying to find out what movies and television shows will be leaving us next month. While the list is short, extremely short in fact, it’s still worth mentioning what will be leaving the streaming library in November.

Goosebumps had started with only a few seasons at first on Netflix then 2 more were added later on, still scaring little kids over 15 years later.

As a kid, I remember waiting every Saturday morning for a new episode of Goosebumps, my favorites were Welcome to Dead House, The Haunted Mask and Monster Blood. Watching this show with my children on Netflix has been a great pleasure, so losing this title is rough.

Let us know how you feel about losing Goosebumps, if you grew up watching or if you’re new to show or even if you’ve never seen it, we’d still love to know what you think.

Goosebumps leaves Netflix streaming on November 5th, so be sure to catch up with all your old favorites!

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