Xbox 360 Games with Gold November 2014


Games with Gold November 2014, we’re seeing a lot of rumors and predictions for what could be coming out in November. October was a great month for games with gold, getting Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Darksiders II. The total price for October Games with Gold games came out to over $70 USD! So does this mean that November we’re going to get ripped off and left with two arcade games, like we have in the past? Well, here are the top 10 predictions and rumors that are spreading around message boards and social media:

1) King Kong: The Movie Game
2) Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
3) Mirrors Edge
4) Brink
5) Borderlands
6) Grand Theft Auto 4
7) Resident Evil: Revelations
8) The Walking Dead - A Telltale Games Series
9) Mortal Kombat Arcade
10) Minecraft

All of the games sound great, but we won’t know until the the end of this month what exactly we will be getting. Check back with us or like us on Facebook to stay up to date!

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24 Responses to “Xbox 360 Games with Gold November 2014”

  1. They won’t do minecraft…it’s too hot of a game…they’ve been pushing for people to buy injustice a lot over the past few months I expect it’s coming in November or December

  2. Alright its that time of the month when we want to know what’s Games for Gold for the following month!
    Here’s my input on the speculations;
    1) King Kong: The Movie Game
    - Very possible but a real oldie that’ll screw up community feedback. Easy 1000GS no replayability.
    2) Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
    - A real good one, I’m okay with it or the 2 one if they choose it.
    3) Mirrors Edge
    - EA just did Bad Company 2, not likely they’ll release two games in a row.
    4) Brink
    - Dishonored was a while back, don’t expect a game from them for a while.
    5) Borderlands
    - The Pre-Sequel just came out, a popular game that went under the radar for some, same people who worked on Bioshock, you got my vote! (Even if I already own/beat it)
    6) Grand Theft Auto 4
    - A big one and Rockstars due for a GwG. If not this, maybe LA Noire or Red Dead Redemption.
    7) Resident Evil: Revelations
    - Capcom may want to throw another game into GwG after Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero. A hand full of Resident Evil titles are up for this!
    8) The Walking Dead – A Telltale Games Series
    - Telltale is VERY UNLIKELY to give a whole game out. I may be wrong since they usually throw the first one free anyway but there’s four different episodes with no more season passes for Season One without factoring 400 Days and this is the only way they can make money. Look forward to Shocktober though on the 20th-31st, as its likely they sale the crap out of it like they usually do.
    9) Mortal Kombat Arcade
    Good candidate and fits the usual arcade section of the month.
    10) Minecraft
    Alright, people have to STOP saying Minecraft is going Games with Gold. Yes its popular and $20 range, but that’s the thing, ITS POPULAR. It went next gen for pete’s sake! Games with Gold is designed to give us more of the older popular games no one buys anymore and/or maybe have missed under all the AAA games. “Ever play Bad Company 2? Nah its all about Call of Duty/Battlefield 3 (now 4). What about Darksiders (2)? Didn’t that company go bankrupt? I was too busy playing Bayonetta to remember.” See how the system works? We may get an old AAA game once in a while but don’t expect something like Minecraft until Microsoft runs out of old games, like Perfect Dark Zero, and maybe even the not so old, like Black Ops 2, which would be turning old after giving out all the older games first. Really Minecraft people? What’s next, Sony giving out The Last of Us on PS Plus so Xbox fans go PlayStation? There’s a difference between popular games and bargain bins getting into the free aisle!

  3. I Vote For grand theft Auto 4 And Borderlands

  4. CoolWinnerBoy says:

    farcry 3,borderlands 1 or 2,gta4

  5. Daniel Vital says:

    Well, any real racing game on the list will be awesome…maybe Forza Horizon…?

    • CoolWinnerBoy says:

      yes, ıt can be a racing game I thing.forza horizon2 just came out,so it can be.

      • Michael says:

        What about need for speed?did they released 2005 most wanted on games on demand?

        • Daniel Vital says:

          Yeah, NFS series its a awesome choice too, why not? Or maybe DiRT series or Grid, it will be amazing!!! Even if they put a old title of Forza even this way will be good.

        • CoolWinnerBoy says:

          but there isn’t a new nfs game around, and forza horizon 2 just came I think, if it will be a racing game, it its more likely to be forza horizon.

  6. swagman says:

    i hope for crysis 1

  7. Ace says:

    Far cry 3 please

  8. Dylan G says:

    I would agree with the Gta 4 because of Gta 5 coming to next gen consoles in November so it is not very unlikely

  9. I don’t know where you went to school, but there is absolutely NO way they summed up to over 70$.

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is $2 at GameStop right now.
    Darksiders 2 is $30 new, or $10 used.

    Do the math, it’s nowhere near $70.

  10. thee 727 remedy says:

    i think its funny how you say “or will we git ripped off….”.do people forget that these are FREE games?each month,the price of the two free games they give out (no matter what they are) is more than the price of a monthly subscription….

    • The Nerdiot says:

      You’re absolutely correct, the games we get are free no matter the quality and we should be appreciative of that. That line was only meant to represent those who feel that way, not to be offensive. Thank you though for pointing out the matter. We do forget sometimes that the games are free and we lose our sense of appreciation for them. Great comment =)

  11. dak says:

    Most the games listed here are ones I already own! This is gonna be a bummer if they continue releasing the ones i have. Also, give us ones that WORK! I wasn’t able to play BC2 online until I was downloading Darksiders 2. I would like to see MK arcade though, I’m an MKII addict…

  12. Coolwinnerboy says:

    Ac3 or Ac liberation can be free( beacause of unity and rogue ). Or a call of duty game like bo1 or mw3( because of cod:aw )

  13. Malik Gray says:

    I hope to see call of duty ghosts i know its a bit too much but come on advance wafare is comming out also would like to see forza horizon please games with gold

  14. Tom Harding says:

    I’ve always wanted to see Just Cause 2 as a free game, and it could be a good one as it came out a few years ago, not too recent

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