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It’s never too early to take a look at what’s coming up next.  Next year we’ll be seeing many of our favorite sci-fi series renewed, but we’ll also be seeing some ‘new’ shows coming down the pipeline.  Not all shows that are announced this early on ever see the light of day; whether it’s due to lack of funding, poor pilot, or a series of other reasons.  But it’s fun to see what we might be getting next year.    Let’s take a look at what 2015′s potential series may be.

"We have something the other Power Rangers didn't have.  Dinozords!!.. wait... what?... the first Rangers had that?... and Power Rangers Dino Thunder?... oh"

“We have something the other Power Rangers didn’t have. Dinozords!!.. wait… what?… the first Rangers had that?… and Power Rangers Dino Thunder?… oh”

Power Rangers Dino Charge 

If I were to sum up this series in two words it’d be “Power Rangers“.  This will be the 22nd Power Rangers series.  As with most Power Rangers series that make it to America there will be American actors playing the characters without costume, and then they’ll splice in scenes from the Japanese series where they’re fighting monsters and such.  This particular series is largely based on Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, however it will also be incorporating some stuff from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.

The plot of this Power Rangers show is that there are “Paragon Prisms” that were given to dinosaurs in order to keep them safe from aliens.  Of course the dinosaurs all died, and so now there is an intergalactic bounty hunter trying to find the Prisms.  So a group of Power Rangers is formed to protect the Prisms, and Earth.  Zords and Megazord antics ensue.

"Don't make me harness my chi, you wouldn't like me when I harness my chi."

“Don’t make me harness my chi, you wouldn’t like me when I harness my chi.”

Iron Fist

Not much is known about this series yet but Disney’s Marvel and Netflix are working on it in order to provide more original content.  The official synopsis on IMDB says “A martial artist with chi based super powers fights crime.” 

The comic book series which has the same name is about a New Yorker named Daniel Rand.  Daniel’s father is a wealthy entrepreneur.  One day while his father is taking his family to explore the mystical city of K’un-L’un Daniel is left an orphan as his mother and father fall to their deaths.  Daniel is taken in by the residents of K’un-L’un and taught marshal arts.  When Daniel turns 19 he is given a chance to defeat the dragon Shou-Lao.  During the battle Daniel receives a scar on his chest from the dragon, and after defeating the dragon he throws his hands into it’s heart.  He becomes the Iron Fist.

After ten years the mystical city of K’un-L’un reappears on earth, and Daniel ventures back to New York in order to find who was responsible for his father’s death.

A man can't hold up a tiara without hair.

A man can’t hold up a tiara without hair.

Luke Cage

Another creation from the Marvel/Netflix teamup is going to be the Luke Cage series.  IMDB’s synopsis is “A wrongly convicted man, escaping from prison after gaining superhuman strength and endurance, becomes a superhero mercenary.

Luke Cage’s story is about a man named Carl Lucas.  Lucas is imprisoned for a crime he did not commit.  While in prison he is offered an early parole if he goes through secret prison experiments.  The experiments are an attempt to recreate Captain America‘s super soldier effect.  From one of the experiments he gains super human strength.  During the experiment the doctor tries to kill Lucas by overdosing him on the drug.  The result is that Lucas gets steel hard skin, and heavier enhanced muscles.  Lucas escaped from prison and becomes a superhero mercenary, even teaming up with Iron Fist.

Luke Cage first appeared in Marvel comics in the 70s, and was even one of the first African-American superheroes.  It’ll be interesting to see this character on the small screen.  Hopefully they don’t go with the afro and tiara look and instead use the more modern shaved head version of Cage.

Batfleck's greatest foe, Daredevil

Batfleck’s greatest foe, Daredevil


“The man without fear”… aka “the Ben Affleck movie that not many people seem to like.  The new version is the third series from Netflix/Marvel team up.  This version has the same synopsis as the original movie.  “A blind lawyer with his other senses superhumanly enhanced fights crime as a costumed superhero.”  However I think a TV series could work very well for this series.  Try to imagine Law & Order: Superhero.  The show could be about this blind lawyer taking cases in court, but then at night he goes out and finds justice.  We’ll have to wait and see what Marvel has in store for this series, but I will say this it will be airing the same year as the Batman vs Superman movie.

Everyone's favorite puppets!

Everyone’s favorite puppets!

Thunderbirds Are Go!

Do you remember Thunderbirds!?  Me neither, but ask your parents or grandparents and they may have fond memories of sitting in front of the ‘telly’ watching this show, or American imports of the show.  Thunderbirds was a 1966 British TV series that had puppets saving the world.  Imagine Team America without the raunchy comedy, or political allegories. says the “re-invention of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s much-loved series will be produced using an innovative mix of CGI animation and live-action miniature sets.”  

No way related to the Japanese anime Time Fighters

No way related to the Japanese anime Time Fighters

Time Fighters

Time Fighters is still one of those projects that there’s not much information about.  Not much is known about this series yet.  It’s being written by Raymond Normandin, directed by Tim Russ, and has Tim Abell and Richard Norton cast to act in it.  The series takes place in the future, a post apocalyptic one at that.  A scientist in the future sees no other options except to go in the past and pluck people from the time line in order to help him in the future.

Everyone likes ghost hunting shows, why not one more?

Everyone likes ghost hunting shows, why not one more?

Local Hauntings

This series will be taking the reality TV ghost hunting genre and adding a new element to it.  The series will be having various states compete against each other to see which is more scary.  The show’s pilot is set to start at Ohio’s haunted Prospect Place, the same building was also on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.  The writer Anthony Daniel has a few indie series already under his belt, and the show already has a whole team of investigators signed on.


This is another one of those series that much like Time Fighters doesn’t have much information yet.  The story is about Dr Wellington Smith.  Smith is a top scientist in the fields of Synthetic Biology and Artificial Intelligence.  Through a series of events his subconscious gets lost inside what we can only assume is a machine of some sort.  The synopsis reminds me of Caprica, or Johnny Depp’s new movie Transcendence.

Robots have feelings too

Robots have feelings too

Which of these shows will see a 2015 air date has yet to be seen, but the producers in each show is expecting to release them at that time.  I’m sure as we get closer to next year we’ll be seeing more shows slated for release.


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