5 Funny REALITY TV Moments that are too real to be true


Our top 5 funniest reality TV moments that are too real to be true. It takes a lot for people to come on TV and act in movies, but to do it in a reality show? From Farrah Abraham’s Pyramid Kitchen to Bernice falling from a parking garage and becoming the incredible Hulk after dying, here are some of the most awkward and funniest moments in reality TV.
5. South Beach Tow

Bernice seems to take a pretty decent fall, gets back up and transforms into the Incredible Tow Hulk. It’s hard to believe that anyone could survive this.
4. Best Cry Ever

From the reality show, Intervention on A&E comes.. The Best Cry.. Ever. It’s an older video, but still remains on YouTube as one of the most awkward moments.. Ever.
3. Things you pass around - Family Fued

“This is when you know we’re going to hell”
2. Kanye West - Red Cross, Hurricane Relief

I’ve never felt so bad for Mike Myers as I do in this. This is why we shouldn’t let Kanye on TV.. for any reason.
1. Farrah Abraham - Teen Mom to Professional Chef

The best cooking advice you’ll ever need, with nutrition.. Yum.


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