I have been thinking that I should start reviewing games


I have been thinking that I should start reviewing games, though perhaps not for the reason you may expect. There are plenty of places out there where you can get respectable and informed opinions on the quality of a game. For this reason I have always felt the need to stick to my uninformed ramblings, rather than do something as structured as a review. Hell the criticism (and outright abuse) some people have received for some reviews has further put me off from doing it.

So why am I thinking about doing it? Well, because I keep looking at the huge (metaphorical) pile of games I have to play, many of which I have only played an hour or so of and then tried something else. I think that if I set myself a deadline for writing a critical piece about a game, then it will force myself to play the game to conclusion, or at least a very significant portion. I have loads of games on Steam, including critical darling’s like Proteus and Papers Please that I have never loaded.

I often find myself playing the easy choice, the less challenging game. For instance I am currently playing Ghost Recon Future Soldier instead of putting the effort into FTL. I know which is probably the better game, yet I find myself comfortably running around shooting Russians. This problem is only made worse by a willingness to try pretty much any genre.

I have so much that I have barely done the tutorial for FTL, decided it is pretty interesting and have not touched again. So a week from today I will post a game review. I am going to start with The Swapper, giving a recommendation as to whether to play or not.

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