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EMS Mouse

Let’s face it, we live in a world of office jobs.  There was once a day where we would spend our days working with our hands.  We had man-jobs, but every year more and more man-jobs become automated and instead there are more desk jobs.  This doesn’t just mean we are sitting at a desk all day getting carpel tunnel and bad posture, but it means there’s not much we can do to get rid of those love handles that we acquire.


Now a Japanese company has come up with their idea for a solution, the Wireless Kinniku Mouse.  This special mouse uses EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to force your muscles to flex while you’re working.  The idea is that EMS will help you burn fat by flexing your muscles throughout the day.  The device works off of two AA batteries, and the EMS cables plug directly into the mouse.  The mouse itself is wireless, with a USB dongle that can hide away inside the mouse.  The mouse has six shock settings , and the power can increase incrementally.  After 15 minutes of usage the power will automatically turn off.  It appears that it also comes with some TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) pads, but it uses the standard connection type so you can always purchase more on Amazon.

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Daniel is a professional body builder and has been featured on several bodybuilding sites.

Daniel is a professional body builder and has been featured on several bodybuilding sites.

But how beneficial are EMS pads?  I sat down with award winning body builder Daniel Babcock to see if this device is right for you.

Nerdiots: So for all of us non-scientists and non-workout types what exactly is TENS?

Babcock: TENS (aka Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) is a devise that pumps small amounts of electric current into your muscles to help relieve pain. They have small patch like ends that stick to your skin/muscular area that needs the attention of pain relief, or some use to help tone muscle – they act by sending incremental currents directly to your body – they are not painful, but you will get a muscle reflex from this and possibly jump.

They are most common with people who have nerve pain or rehabilitation from a muscular injury to help the muscle and nerves function correctly.

Nerdiots: How do you feel about TENS and fat burning?

Babcock: In all truthfulness, not very effective – and its simple why, the electrical impulses that stimulate the muscle to make it contract, is really only providing a VERY minimum level of stimulus to the muscle. However, the level of intensity needed to build muscle or stimulate an environment like cardio would be extremely high, which would make it quite painful, that would need to be some serious surging electrical impulses to do that sort of work. A much more effective way to stimulate muscle growth or calorie burn would be to implement regular strength training or cardiovascular exercise.

The minimal response that would contract the muscle isn’t anything to consider, maybe a possible 3-5 calories – that of which could be accomplished by walking to and from the bathroom.

Nerdiots: Have you heard there’s a new mouse that has a TENS built into it? What’re your thoughts on such an item?

Babcock: Well my first reaction is you’re going to have a numb hand in addition to accidentally clicking due to incremental shocks of the TENS unit, not appealing to me.

But… It truthfully sounds like another crazy and almost pointless contraption, coming from a health and nutrition standpoint – it won’t do much in the area of muscle or calorie burn. If you have frequent nerve damage or muscle tension pain, I could see it helping to an extent, but no need to reinvent the wheel on a TENS unit and incorporate it into a mouse, totally pointless!

Nerdiots: *laughing* The TENS part of it connects to your love handles or other parts of your body, so it’s not actually shocking your hand. It’s just using the same batteries found on your mouse. So what you’re saying is there’s no hope for us lazy desk jockeys, and this new TENS mouse isn’t our salvation?

Babcock: You’re absolutely correct, unless you have nerve pain, or sore muscles – don’t waste the time nor money! It’s another fad being sold to get your normal, work then home going, individual. To get more out of doing nothing – sorry, but hard work is the only answer when it comes to this matter!

Nerdiots:  So what’s the best advice to lose weight for people who are stuck behind a computer all day?

Babcock: My absolute best advice I could give to someone who works a cubical job where there is not much movement would be to put some thought into prepping your food and bring it into work, make your own! Lower energy requirements are needed when you’re sedentary, a mix of proteins, fats and small amounts of carbohydrates, stop going to the vending machine and grabbing a soda or bag of chips – this is where you’ll see the most dramatic difference.

In addition to this, bring in an exercise ball and swap it out with your chair for the day or even a few hours - this will help burn extra calories! Try to take a walk break every few hours to stretch and move – also, instead of taking the elevator every day, take the stairs, these small things add up to big numbers.

So there you have it, a mouse that electrocutes you isn’t going to be much help.  But it could be fun.  The wireless kinnuku mouse isn’t yet available in America, but if you’re interested in trying it you can visit

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