March Games with Gold 2014 Xbox Live

Games with Gold 2014 Xbox Live

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It’s official now, the two games for March are listed below!

Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution - Released on Xbox 360 and PS3 on July 8th 2008 in the US. The game is a turn based strategy game. It is also available on the Nintendo DS, iOS and Windows hone.

Dungeon Defenders - an action RPG with tower defense. This is an arcade game for Xbox 360 that was released on October 19th 2011. It is also available on Android, iPOS, and PSN.

We apologize deeply if anyone thought that what we said was 100% verified. When we know that something is verified, we will make sure it is known that it is verified, until then everything is just rumors, speculations, and opinions. We will be starting discussion for April Games with Gold starting on March 1st!



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25 Responses to “March Games with Gold 2014 Xbox Live”

  1. Jay day says:

    yes ok arkham asylum would be awesome i missed out on playing it when it first came out and really wanted to but never got to it.

  2. I’m not sure that these are going to be the games, but I do think that it may be possible. Last month with Dead Island and that soldier game, this kind of fits that. I never played Ninja Gaiden but I think it’s the equivalent of that toy soldier game.

  3. jkawtgk says:

    didn’t arkham asylum just come out like last year? why would they give that away for free

  4. trollolololol says:


  5. kask says:

    Esta é uma boa informação?

  6. Ax3l says:

    hope is Ninja Gaiden 2 i already have the Batman collection in my x box and i really want a action game like Ninja Gaiden II

    • The Nerdiot says:

      Honestly I’m hoping for both, I haven’t been able to sit down and play Arkham Asylum, or any recent Batman game because I always find something better to spend my money and time on lol.. I think that based on what the guy told me about these two games, the most likely to happen is going to be Batman, and he does seem to think that Ninja Gaiden 2 is a huge possibility. Fingers crossed on both though

  7. Darth Scissorhands says:

    Batman is likely as interest in Origins is very low with good reason. But with the GwG trend I don’t see NG II happening and that’s good because it’s easy to find for about $5. The trend shows a GoD Game and an XBLA game. With upcoming releases I’d expect either the South Park tower defense game or Trials HD (maybe evolution if they’re in a generous mood).

    • The Nerdiot says:

      I was actually thinking Trials HD more so than Ninja Gaiden II as well. I do agree with Batman being the largest possibility right now, but my faith in NG2 is slowly fading away the more I think about it. I know with next months post, I’m probably going to post something similar to this, but instead just my opinion as to what I think will be the games and see what everyone thinks. Maybe we can all narrow it down, I was really reliant on someone for this post and I’m not feeling good now lol. But I do think you’re right about Batman and NG2.

  8. Gabriel Siqueira says:

    Guy, I think that they should put about 10 options and players even vote and the 2 most voted should be the games with gold

    • The Nerdiot says:

      I completely agree, the guessing game is getting old. If they gave us an option with a list of good titles to choose from and let us vote that would be great. This is getting tiring watching the Playstation owners get a slew of games that are, for the most part, better quality.

      As far as Civilization goes, if this is the game for March, I’m extremely disappointed. The text around Civilization being the next game states that it is “coming soon”. I’m not sure if that means for March or possibly April. But it does look like it’s most likely to be the game for March, I was really hoping for Batman OR NG II. Anything, in my opinion, would have been better than Civilization

  9. Matthew Coates says:

    I love it if it was gta 4 or saints row 3

    • The Nerdiot says:

      GTA 4 would be fantastic. Especially lately, I’ve been watching these PC version mod videos and it’s made me really want to play. Although you can’t mod on 360, it was just the fact that the gameplay was dragging me back into that. I never had a chance to play Saints Row, but I think I would for sure play if it were free.

  10. Blablablah says:

    Stuck with ducking civilization.. Too bad we couldn’t get ninja gaiden or batman instead if this garbage

  11. k says:

    nerdriots what douche bags

  12. Ax3l says:

    :s what a fail 2 games i play and never like it

  13. Johnenewt1 says:

    HUGE DIFFERENCE between stating 2 great games that we might get - Batman and Ninja Gaiden compared to what we got a GAY strategy game and even GAYER rpg! I suggest you stop making false predictions and keeping our hopes up for NOTHING!!!

    • DangOlBoomhaur says:

      No kidding about the stupidity of the games we ACTUALLY got, but this site wasn’t predicting anything. They did say that it wasn’t verified and that it was just a rumor, so in their defense they have that. No reason to be a pecker head about a site reporting what they find out on the internet. Civilization doesn’t seem to be that bad, I know nothing of the tower defense game and probably won’t download that, but at the very least we have something new to play until Microsoft pulls their egotistical heads out their asses and decides to try and earn our love for the games they have on their system by giving us something worth a shit. I guess this is what we get for being able to keep our games forever, great ploy to make us feel ok about getting these awful games.

      I did have my hopes up for Batman, really disappointed, but shit happens. Get over it.

  14. Ax3l says:

    sigh gona be a long and boring March x3.
    but ty for the info.

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