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Race The Sun is not a new game, it was release on Steam in December of 2013 and was developed by Flippfly LLC. A small Indie developer who seem to be pretty focused on community. I picked up a copy of the game a few weeks ago after seeing it on a Video Podcast I watch (Yes, it was ‘LAS‘) It’s is a racing game of sorts, your only opponent is the setting sun. You pilot a small low flying solar powered plane through a gorgeous low polygon sparse wilderness. along the way you have to dodge moving monoliths and stay out of shadows to keep your speed up, there are little blue triangles floating about that increase your score multiplier and one or two other power up items.

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What sets Race The Sun apart from other racing games for me is that once you crash or run out of daylight you have to start again from the beginning. This may sound annoying but it means you can get closer and closer to that ‘perfect’ run each time you play. from what I understand the ‘map’ resets/changes every day or so.

The point of this game is not to finish or ‘win’ but to make that perfect run and become top of the leader boards for a while. The faster you can go the further you get before the sun fades increasing that score so tehre can be some real depth to this simple game.

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Graphics: The whole game is very stylised and the fluid low poly’ washed out look serves to aid focus as you play and give the game a really unique look. It is pretty but in the same way Minecraft is. the looks are rooted in art style rather than jaw dropping effects and hyper real textures.

Mechanics: The mechanics are simple, steer the little plane/car thing and hit a button occasionally to release a ‘jump’ power up if you have one. It works and I have no issues with the controls or mechanics of the game. Its good simple fun. I would say though, its substantially better with a Controller.

Performance: Thanks to the above mentioned simple clean look of the game it runs awesome on my machine. I’m pretty sure it would run well on anything that has a monitor.

OS compliance: Windows, Mac, Linux/SteamOS - I have played the game in both Windows and Linux and the experience is identical with no issues at all. I can only assume the Mac version is the same.

Price: Steam: £6.99 -  Humble Store: £5.99 (with a Steam Code, so, yeah get that one)

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